We have a limited number of suites available, to request a suite, send email to  We will conduct a lottery if there are more requests for suites than we have available suites. All requests that arrive by April 30 will be treated as if they arrived on the same date. Requests that come in after that will be satisfied on a first come, first served basis, provided suites are still available. You will be notified this spring if we were able to assign you a suite. If you requested a suite before January 28, you do not need to also reserve a room. If we are unable to give you a suite, we will assign a standard room for you (let us know if you’d prefer a king or a double double) at the convention rate above. If you request a suite after that date, please reserve a room. We can cancel it for you if you do get a suite.

Please include the following information in your email:

  • Name and contact information (email) of the person needing the suite.
  • Dates you will need the suite for.
  • Accessibility needs or concerns.
  • Preference of hotel and specific requests (“I only want a suite at the Marriott, if I can’t have that then I just want a standard room there.” “I do not care which hotel I end up at.”).
  • Type of backup room you prefer (king or dbl/dbl) in case you do not get a suite in the lottery.

As a reminder, all open parties will be held in the Fan Fair in the convention center, you can find more information about this in our Party Page!

Small closed parties can be held in the hotel. They must be private — that is, you cannot post party announcements in the hotel, in the newsletter, or publicly on social media. They must also be quiet — no loud music or other noisy activities. The hotel does not do party blocking so there could be general public in surrounding rooms and the hotel will close the party if there is a noise complaint.

If you want to have a larger party outside of convention space, several of the hotels have function areas that can be rented, but you will need to buy all supplies from the hotel. We’re researching the options and will have a list of potential spaces for you to consider this spring. Contact us at if you would like more info.



Most of our suites are two-bay parlor suites. They come with an attached bedroom and most also have a murphy bed or foldout bed in the parlor.

Cost: $249/night

Other Suite Types: We also have several types of larger suites, ranging in price from $399 to $699 a night.  Contact us if you are interested in one.



We have only two small suites in the Aladdin.

Cost: $119/night

The Phillips


We have two suites available in the Phillips: a Junior Suite and the larger Kansas Suite.

Price:  $159/night Junior Suite;  $350/night Kansas Suite.

Crowne Plaza


We have a few available here.

Price: $134

Residence Inn

The Residence Inn is an all-suites hotel that will open in June (sorry no pictures yet).  Suite costs start at $155 a night and include breakfast.  These went quickly after being opened online but there is always a chance of a cancellation as we get closer to the convention. You can check the hotel booking page to see if any are available.