Party Information

We have an updated Party Page as of March, 2016.

PDF Version (2 MB) | Party Packet #2

Arrangements for parties at MidAmeriCon II will be a bit different than at most previous Worldcons.

Inspired by Loncon 3’s Fan Village in 2014, we are moving from the traditional hotel room/party suite accommodation to a unique designated space called the Fan Fair and Party Midway, which will be located inside our five-acre Exhibit Hall. This special area dedicated to fan group tables and open parties will showcase how social and connected a Worldcon truly is. This innovative take on the party scene will be World’s Fair meets State Fair meets Worldcon, with people strolling through and enjoying snacks, drinks, games, and entertainment.

We hope you will contribute to this Midway atmosphere by coming up with fun and creative ways to engage attendees beyond the typical room-decorations-and-snacks party. Think about how to keep your message in the minds of attendees and in hallway conversations long after the party is over. Maybe offer carnival style games? Fun science fiction-themed photo ops? How about Whack-A-Smof? Or a trivia contest with logo-branded prizes and giveaways? The only limit is your imagination!

To assist you with coordinating with existing interaction and entertainment options, we will provide information updates in multiple ways so you can get a head start on planning. We will be updating this party information packet in early 2016 with more detailed information. A special section of our website will also feature updated party information as it becomes available, and we will announce updates through social media as well. Use the email address to send questions or ask for help with party planning.

Party Planner Questions:

Are there still going to be fan tables?


How long do we have our party space?

However long you want it: one day, multiple days, every day, you choose! You might even decide to share your space. This setup provides more opportunities to engage with attendees during the day and evening than in previous years and enables more creative ways to do so. When designing your area, keep in mind that if you need standups and other items to hold brochures or materials, you are likely to want to have a volunteer there

Will the area have WiFi?

Yes, basic WiFi is free throughout the Kansas City Convention Center.

Is the space accessible?

Yes. Amenities include ADA-compliant restrooms and family restroom facilities as well as wide hallways for mobies, scooters or wheelchairs. The MidAmeriCon II Accessibility team can also assist you if you need any special arrangements or have any concerns about accessibility.

What about food and non-alcoholic drinks?

Our corkage waiver for the Exhibit Hall allows parties to serve their own snacks, soft drinks, juices, and bottled water. However, substantial meal-like foods will need to be acquired through the convention center’s caterer at a cost. Note that concession stands will be offering substantial food throughout our space. Also, although you cannot cook food in the convention center, we are investigating whether that includes teakettles and coffee makers. We will provide information about permissible snack and dessert foods and the catering menu in a future update. You can help us out by sending us a list of the foods you’d like to serve!

Can we serve alcohol?

You cannot give away or sell your own alcohol. The area will include a cash bar provided by the Kansas City Convention Center’s catering company, and you can also arrange for a cash or hosted bar on your own. Currently, the caterer includes local selections from Boulevard Brewing Company as well as other alcoholic offerings. We’re working on obtaining pre-paid chits for the cash bar that you can use as giveaways or as prizes.

How will days/times be assigned?

Priority will be given to seated Worldcons, as well as 2018 or later bidders in order of year. Other areas will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.

What is the size and layout of the space?

The configuration and location has not yet been finalized; however, we are aiming to provide individual spaces as least as large as a standard hotel room. Because we have five acres of convention space, we are confident we can provide groups with the space they need.

How much will an individual space cost?

Our intention is that it should be no more that the cost of a standard hotel room/suite (at group rates!)

What furniture comes with the space?

We hope to offer various types of seating beyond standard rectangular tables and chairs. Sofas and conversation areas are on the list – what other types of areas would you like to have?

What hours can the parties be open? Wed? Thurs? Fri? Sat?

We suggest that you start your party no earlier than 8 pm to give your volunteers time to switch from a fan table configuration to a party space. Normal closing time for the hall is midnight, but we are working to keep it open until 2 am on at least Friday and Saturday nights.

What about party setup and teardown times?

We currently intend to close the Fan Tables at 6 pm and allow party hosts to begin setting up any time after 7 pm. You will want to allow yourself an hour or more for clean-up before closing time. We are working on items like centralized garbage stations and party supply storage to assist with these efforts.

What about ice?

The thing about ice is that it’s really important to a party. We’re working on it.

Are there bathrooms?

Yes, nearby on both sides of the convention center!

Where and how can party announcements be posted?

We do not have details from the convention center yet. We do know that sidewalk chalk from the hotels to the convention center is allowable and encouraged. We are also looking into floor decals.

Will electricity be available?

We expect enough power to be available for basic needs. Things like disco dance floors, laser light shows, or a TARDIS are likely to require additional power to be purchased. We are also looking into sponsorships to offset the cost of extra electrical power. If you have an idea that is likely to require extra power, please consult with our party planners.