Party Packet #2

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The MidAmeriCon II party complex will be located in the Kansas City Convention Center (KCCC) on the exhibit hall floor in the heart of the Fan Fair adjacent to the convention’s hospitality area (think a combination of con suite and lobby bar!) During the evening, the hospitality area and the party complex will become one large party area, with fans circulating freely between con‐hosted and fan‐hosted parties. This party packet provides initial information about our party space plans; more information will be provided in the next edition.

The ground‐breaking Fan Village at the 2015 Worldcon, Loncon 3, was a success and we hope to improve even more on the concept, providing the ability to hang things on the walls and to decorate your space, plus more lighting to make it easier to read the material on bid tables. Instead of default tents over party spaces, think garden party, but with ”walls”! The only “ceiling” we are planning is a crisscross of party lights and perhaps a trellis over your space so you can potentially hang lightweight items from the ceiling and on the walls. We are currently exploring options for these plans, and the ability to provide special items or décor, with our general contractor, Liberty Exposition Services.

  • Size ‐ The basic size for a party space in the current version of the Fan Fair layout is 30 feet (9.14 meters) x 20 feet (6.1 meters), or 600 square feet. (Information about larger and specially configured spaces is available upon request.)
  • Cost – The cost for the basic space is anticipated to be $240 per night. Please let us know if you would be interested in our considering a multi‐night discount to encourage more partying!
  • Furnishings – Each party space will come with a basic furniture setup, with some number of rectangular tables and folding chairs and the ability to rent additional furniture. We’d love your input on what you think is important in furnishing a party space.
  • Floor covering – Party hosts are allowed ‐ nay, encouraged! ‐ to provide their own floor covering: carpet, connecting foam pieces, linoleum squares ‐ be creative! In addition, given enough lead time, Liberty Exposition Services can produce custom‐made floor coverings with multiple colors that can include logos or other graphics.
  • Colors – Although the predominant colors have not yet been chosen for the Fan Fair, yellow/gold/purple will probably play an important part.
  • Banners and signs – To make your party and fan space distinctive, why not start with a banner or sign? Who are you? What are you all about? We encourage each group to prepare and display a sign (2 feet or .61 meters x 4 feet or 1.22 meters is recommended) to identify your group and party.
  • Food prep – There will be a non‐secured shared storage and prep space adjacent to your party space. We are also negotiating with the KCCC for access to one of their ice machines as well as use of one of their banquet kitchens with deep sinks to assist you with clean‐up. Trash removal is still being investigated.
  • Hours – We anticipate the convention center hours to be as follows:
    Wednesday, August 17th 12pm ‐ midnight
    Thursday, August 18th 10am ‐ midnight
    Friday, August 19th 10am ‐ 2am
    Saturday, August 20th 10am ‐ 2am
    Sunday, August 21st 10 am ‐ midnight

Access to your space will begin at 9 a.m. (when the exhibit hall opens for staff access) on the day of our rental and end when the convention center closes for that day. We anticipate that parties will start around 8 p.m. each night. You should close your party at least 30 minutes before the KCCC shuts down for the night for clean‐up.

The bottom line: The KCCC requires that NO food or beverage be brought in or served in the convention center without the express permission of Aramark, the KCCC’s exclusive F&B provider. However, our Facilities team has gotten permission for party hosts and our hospitality area to be able to prepare and serve their own snacks and sodas. (The are also negotiating to get permission to allow non‐Aramark competitive items like specialty foods or beverages that are unique & specific to a particular region of the world and therefore not available in Kansas City, like pickled herring, slivovitz, or grappa.) Food items outside the approved list must be supplied by Aramark. We anticipate having menus and prices available in the next party packet.

The Four Golden Guidelines

The actual text describing allowable non‐Aramark items is:

  1. Salty Snacks: Chips, popcorn, snack mix, nuts, mini‐snack sized pretzels.
  2. Assortment of soft drinks
  3. Bottled water
  4. Small desserts, candies, cookies, fruit

We are trying to clarify whether other items might fall under this definition of “snacks” ‐ and you can help by sending us ideas at


Note that under no circumstances are we allowed to serve alcohol ourselves ‐ that is the sole province of Aramark and their bartenders, their liquor license, and their liability insurance. Even if your particular unique alcohol is approved by Aramark for you to bring into the KCCC, an Aramark bartender will still need to serve it. (We will provide information about the procedure to arrange for a bartender and the cost in the next party packet.) Alcohol will be available to purchase at the con suite bar for most of the day and in the evening until the exhibit hall closes.

Because all parties will share the same general space as the convention’s hospitality area and will be serving roughly the same food items, think about how to differentiate your party from the crowd, and from the con suite. Show your creativity instead of just counting on your bid’s typical food items! What methods can you use to engage convention attendees in a way that doesn’t just involve food and drink?How can you serve standard snacks and drinks in a way that stands out? What can you add to your party space that will make it memorable?



  • We value your input – help us make the Fan Fair and your parties a success!
  • What specific snack items would you like to supply and serve at your party that fit into the guidelines?
  • What regional specialty items would you like to serve that are unlikely to be available in Kansas City?
  • What do you need in your party space besides the standard setup?
  • If our budget were unlimited, what extras would you like us to supply?
  • What haven’t we addressed?

Submit your suggestions, ideas, and any questions to or start a discussion thread on party‐ Either way, we want to hear from you!

Download Party Packet #2