Parties at MidAmeriCon II

So, you want to run a party? That’s fantastic! Parties are fun and are a good way to advertise your group. Do you already know what you want, need no further info, and just want to reserve a party space? Lovely! You can give us all your details at the bottom of this page. Does your group only want a Fan Table but will not be hosting a party? See the information on the Fan Tables page.

For those of you who’d like a little more information, this page describes a few things you need to know about parties at MidAmeriCon II. The first is why this Worldcon is different from all other US Worldcons? The main difference is that open parties, a mainstay of the social fabric of Worldcon, will *not* be in any of our hotels this year, but rather in our exhibit hall. The Hospitality Area page provides more information about this.
macII party layout


Note that although you are allowed to bring in snacks and drinks to serve at your party, there are restrictions. For a list of “approved” and “not approved” snack items as well as our latest information about food & catering in the exhibit hall, see the Catering page.

Space Options

Type of Space Dimensions (in feet) Square Feet Base Cost
(per night)
w/ Ice Service
Standard Space 20’x30′ 600 $240 $290
Double Space 40’x30′ 1,200 $480 $530
Jumbo Space 40’x40′ 1,500
(on the corner)
$600 $650

Each space will be defined by 8‐foot high pipe & drape walls (color to be decided) and come with a basic furniture setup, with some number of rectangular tables and folding chairs and the ability to rent additional furniture through Liberty Exposition Services, the convention’s official decorator. (This setup is still to be decided and we will post any new information here when we get it.) If you have questions about additional furniture, please email

Although the party spaces will be carpeted (color to be decided), party hosts are allowed ‐ encouraged! ‐ to provide their own floor covering: carpet, connecting foam pieces, linoleum squares ‐ be creative! In addition, given enough lead time, Liberty Exposition Services can produce custom‐made floor coverings with multiple colors that can include logos or other graphics. You can get help or more information by emailing


OPTION 1‐ Ice service is available from MidAmeriCon II for your party for an additional fee. The Party Maven staff will supply a container filled with ice which can be refilled as many times as needed during your party.

OPTION 2 ‐ You can supply your own container, which the Party Maven staff will fill with ice and refresh as requested. The cost is the same as option 1.

OPTION 3 ‐ You can supply your own container and ice from the outside for no additional charge.


Each Standard party space will have access to standard power: one 20 amp power drop shared by four spaces ‐ which should be enough power for a computer, a monitor/display, and a lamp. If you choose a Double space you will have access to the power allotment for two spaces. A Jumbo space will come with double Standard power (the same as the Double spaces).
If you need more power, you can make arrangements by contacting


There will be a non‐secured shared storage and prep space adjacent to your party space (the gray area on the Party Space graphic). This space will be available to you beginning the morning of your party.


We encourage each group to prepare and display a sign (2 feet or .61 meters x 4 feet or 1.22 meters is recommended) to identify your group and party. There will be a party board in the Con Suite with a list of parties for each evening where you can post a flyer, should you so wish. Notices can also be submitted to the con’s daily newsletter (whose office is also located in Fan Fair).

If you are interested in promoting your group with more than a party, we can help with that, too! How about hosting some time in the Con Suite to give your group name exposure during the day? Just drop a line to

You can also sponsor something permanent in the Fan Fair: consider dedicating a memorial plaque for a bench or even a whole park!

We want your party to be wonderful, and the experience to be great. Help us to help you make that happen. If you have any questions, contact