Incident Response Team

The Incident Response Team (IRT) at MidAmeriCon II is the department responsible for responding to incidents and situations at the convention that involve member behavior, especially in relation to violations of the convention’s code of conduct policy. Prior to the convention, you can contact us with your questions or to make a report at  During the convention, you can find us in ConHQ, which is located along the west wall of the exhibit hall or by calling or texting 816-800-2550.  We will also be checking email regularly.

Privacy and the IRT

We intend to maintain as private the identities of persons named in incident reports as much as possible, restricting the identities to those parties with a genuine need to know in order to perform their duties at MidAmeriCon II. All incident reports will be handed over to MASFFC, the sponsoring organization of MidAmeriCon II, at the close of the convention. In accordance with MASFFC policies, actions taken as a result of the report may be shared with future Worldcons and other related fannish organizations. In the case where an action is taken against a member because of an interaction(s) with another member, only the name(s) of the person(s) the action is taken against will be shared. Statements, to be shared, describing actions taken against a member shall be kept brief, with a bare-minimum summary.

MidAmeriCon II Incident Report Process

For all MidAmeriCon II Members

So you have a problem at the convention, what should you do?

If you’re having an issue, come to Con HQ (located against the west wall in the exhibit hall), flag down one of our rovers, or call HQ at 816-400-8441 and we will be happy to help!

If your issue is with another member of the convention, you will be assisted by our incident response team, to discuss your experience and decide if you would like to make a report.  You may also contact the incident response team directly by calling or texting 816-800-2550. If your issue is with someone on the incident response team we have solutions in place to handle that as well.

We will make a written report, and ask you for the details needed to understand and resolve the problem or prevent further harm.  If you give us your name and contact information, we will follow up with you as needed, but we also will accept anonymous reports.

We will tell you what our next steps will be and further action(s) to be taken, if any. If you request, we will follow up with you and let you know the outcome of our actions.

If other people are named in the complaint, they will be told that there is a complaint against them, but if the reporter wishes to remain anonymous, the identity of the person making the report will not be named.

For All MidAmeriCon II Staff

As a staff member of MidAmeriCon II you are an important part of assuring our attendees are safe and happy.  Our problem resolution process is designed to help accomplish this.

If someone approaches you with a problem that is either too complicated for you to solve or appears to be a Code of Conduct violation, stay with the person and help find a member of Con HQ or the Incident Response Team as appropriate.  If there is an immediately dangerous situation, do not hesitate to call 911 first. Please notify Con HQ after calling 911 so that convention leadership can stay in the loop.

For Incident Response Team Staff when taking a Report

  1. Establish the safety and well-being of the person in front of you.  Make sure their immediate needs are met.  Call con HQ or other members of the IRT if their presence will help defuse the current situation.
    Maintain a calm, professional demeanor.  Do not touch the reporter without explicit permission.  If you are not sure about your ability to handle the situation, or if you are emotionally involved yourself, call another member of the IRT.
  2. Ask them if they need to go some place private to have the discussion with you and another staff member.  If they are comfortable giving their report wherever the conversation is taking place, that is also fine.
  3. If possible, start off using the incident response form.  Otherwise transcribe your WRITTEN notes of the conversation to the form immediately after taking the report.
  4. If the reporter is willing, record their name and contact information.  Make sure they know we will take and act on an anonymous report, but we will not be able to follow up without this information.
  5. Get a full description of the events or problem that took place, including times and places, according to the reporter.  Do NOT attempt to “correct” any of the reporter’s words or opinions even if you have other information.  (You can add additional information to your own write-up of the incident)
  6. Find out if there is a specific action being requested or an action that would remedy any harm that’s taken place.
  7. If necessary, ask the reporter to wait while you consult with others (Other members of the IRT, Con chair, etc) about next actions.  Be explicit about what we will do next, and when the person can expect follow-up.
  8. Thank the person for making their report.
  9. Confirm that we (The IRT and MACII Staff) have a specific plan of follow-up actions (if necessary), and write down that plan in the report, including who and when.
  10. File the written report and notify the on duty manager about the incident.