The MidAmeriCon II Hospitality Area is made up of the Con Suite, the Bar, Fan Tables, and Party Spaces, as shown in the graphic. The Hospitality Area will be open to attendees the same hours as Fan Fair (generally 10 am – 12 am or 2 am daily); however, different components of the Hospitality Area will be open at different times, so something interesting will be happening in this space at all hours.

macII party layout

Con Suite and Bar

The MidAmeriCon II Con Suite will be in the exhibit hall with an expanded seating area of over 8,000 square feet! Plenty of space for fans to gather to chat, snack, mingle, relax, or just grab some reading time. The Con Suite will be stocked with plenty of snacks and open during all hours of Fan Fair so that in the evening both the Con Suite and parties will be open and in full swing!

In conjunction with the Con Suite, Aramark will operate a cash bar offering the usual alcoholic drinks as well as unique themed cocktails and a variety of craft beers.

Here’s a list of our food vendors and what they will be selling.

Fan Tables

Fan and related groups from around the world will advertise themselves and promote their message from Fan Tables located in the Fan Fair as part of the Hospitality Area. See the Fan Tables page for more information or to reserve your space.

Party Spaces

It’s a pop‐up activity by day and a party space by night!

During the evening, the Con Suite, bar, and party complex will become one large party area with fans circulating freely between con‐hosted and fan‐hosted parties. During the day, groups hosting a party in the evening can promote their party from a Fan Table or construct a visual display at the front of their party space. No worries if the party host does not choose to use their table at night; a pop‐up game or activity will appear in the space compliments of our Fan Fair Activities Team.

See the Parties page for more information or to reserve a party space.

PLEASE NOTE: All parties held in Fan Fair will be open to all members of MidAmeriCon II. Information regarding closed parties can be found here.

Catering Information

Aramark has agreed that we can serve snacks at our parties and in our hospitality area as long as we follow the Four Golden Guidelines, which are:

  • Salty snacks like chips, popcorn, snack mix, nuts, mini‐snack sized pretzels
  • Assortment of soft drinks (cans or bottles)
  • Bottled water
  • Small desserts, candies, cookies, fruit

Please go to the Catering Page for more information about alcohol and food options.