Children’s Programming

Our children’s program is for children aged 6 to 12 and also their parents. Some items are suitable for older kids and teenagers who are also welcome. We plan to have a program for the full weekend involving crafts, games, toys, mini-projects, books, comics, and a bit of space for children to enjoy. We want to create a room where there is always something to do, where science and engineering meet fiction, film, books, comics, and the fantastic, and where kids will enjoy themselves and have fun!

The MidAmeriCon II Kids’ Program is not a child-minding service: it is Worldcon programming for kids. The children’s program will operate a sign-in facility for children who are MidAmeriCon II members. Children can be signed in for a maximum of four hours at a time  (everyone needs a break!). There is a paid-for Childcare Service as well if you also have need but it is separate from Children’s Programming.

These activities allow kids to have their own convention time. We will have a ribbon system in place to identify parents, children who can come and go, and children who must be with a parent. Younger children are welcome in the continual company of their parents. We will have a seating area so parents can have a moment of peace while watching the chaos. If you have questions or concerns, please contact us at!

The rest of this page is an example of the Children’s Program which ran at Chicon 7  in 2012. While we will probably not include all of these exact items, this example does show the types of items we plan to provide.

Friday – Make and Take, Craft, and Learn Day

  • Learn some Irish Gaelic
  • Get an air-brush tattoo
  • Learn about and take away FREE comics
  • “Steam It Up”- Turning something, be it a bag, book, phone case, glasses case, wallet, or purse into a steampunk item
  • Making Captain America shields, Wonder Woman bracelets, or a sonic screwdriver
  • Making fairy, demon, and dragon wings
  • Learning about photography
  • Basic electronic engineering as we repair the damages

Saturday – Space Day

  • Play with the solar system while we learn about it
  • Make spacesuits for all environments
  • Create “Frankenstuffies” (re-animating plushies)
  • Take apart appliances and computers and see how they work
  • Learn about 3D printers and see what they can make
  • Enter a Lego spacecraft competition, which we hope will be judged by someone who knows a lot about being in a spaceship!!! (Note: Astronaut Story Musgrave, who was a Guest of Honor at Chicon 7, spent some time in children’s programming)