Gaming is a big part of Fandom and will be well-represented at MidAmeriCon II.

  • We have 5000 square feet of gaming space we will be using for all day gaming in the Exhibit Hall starting Wednesday afternoon and continuing through all open hours in the KCCC.
  • There will also be 24-hour gaming in the Marriott!
  • We are excited to be working with the Gamer’s Haven Game Library, who will be providing tabletop games.
  • We’ll also be featuring a multitude of RPG sessions and holding demos and tournaments of various games throughout the duration of the convention so there will always be something exciting going on in the games area.
  • Be sure to check out the Warhorn to see currently scheduled games!
  • Did someone say Ingress Event (we’re working on it)?
  • As well as our standard gaming library, we will have an Artemis Bridge simulator, and teams of people on hand to demonstrate and help you find something exciting to absorb you.

If you are interested in helping out, please contact us at for more information.

The gaming area will have a series of playtests available for sign up on the day. Several of these sessions will feature designers and developers showing off their new games, and we’ll also have sessions on the Firefly and Mistborn RPGs. Slots will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

To complement our gaming area in the Exhibit Hall, the gaming program will cover games of all types. From boardgame recommendations to scriptwriting in videogames to live action roleplay (Larps), our focus this year is on “Gaming for Everybody.” Do you want to build a gameworld, find out about crowdfunding, or just run a great role-playing game (RPG) session? How do you play games with kids or introduce new players to boardgames? The gaming program will dig deep into these ideas, provide some suggestions, and enjoy all things ludic. We’ve got some fantastic panelists from all aspects of gaming, as well as fans who are passionate about their play.