Convention Volunteering

MidAmeriCon II Wants You!

Worldcons rely on volunteers and because they have no paid staff, are often called one of the world’s largest all-volunteer events. Like all Worldcons, MidAmeriCon II needs your help! We hope you’ll join some of the people already on our staff to make MidAmeriCon II the best Worldcon yet, regardless of whether you’re an experienced convention volunteer or a first-timer. Volunteering can be fun and a great way to meet people while learning how conventions work behind the scenes.

We need people for all sorts of tasks, from discrete one-time assistance to short-term projects to long-running departments and at-con assistance. Some jobs can be done as individuals and some as part of a team – a team who might very well not be all in the same location or time zone! We need all sorts of people and skills from data management expertise to retail experience to people with creative flair; people with energy, patience, great ideas and the ability to make them happen.

Most of all, we need people who love science fiction and fantasy and want to contribute to making MidAmeriCon II an enjoyable and inspiring experience for everyone. The only essential skill is to be willing to help us reach that goal.

If you’d like to help, please fill out our volunteer form and let us know your interests and experience. Don’t limit yourself just to what you’ve done at SF conventions – skills and experience related to other conventions or leisure activities, work, or school can be relevant as well. You can choose the amount of time you’re willing to give and when you’re available. Submitting the form doesn’t commit you to anything. We’ll be in touch to discuss your interests.

We are so glad you are interested in volunteering to help make MidAmeriCon II a success!

Thank you in advance for your help!