Publication Notes (PR1)

MidAmeriCon II has been thinking long and hard about how progress reports can take a step forward. Our Design Resources team has been looking for ways to adapt the traditional paper progress report into a number of different formats that will cater to different needs.

Our paper format has a b/w printed interior to help ensure that costs are kept low. For full color interiors, please check out our online publications page. Online we have worked with the Access team to find ways to make our publications simpler to use for all kind of fans. In addition to the PDF upload, we are offering the individual articles from this PR as blog posts on our website. This helps with simpler navigation for some users and better sharing capabilities for our members in general. We also will be uploading all of our publications to ISSUU, an in-browser navigator that makes our digital publications come to life. It zooms, it searches, it even animates the page turns.

We hope these innovations provide a unique experience, and one that you can share with your friends to let them know that MidAmeriCon II is moving the Worldcon experience forward.

– Keri O’Brien