Departmental Updates (PR 1)


Making a convention accessible is about more than just mobies. We’re excited to have Tanya Washburn as our Area Head for Access under the Member Services Division. She’s lining up a team to work on addressing different access challenges, such as advising the Design Resources Division on the best ways to create accessible online publications.

Code of Conduct

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MidAmeriCon II is looking for volunteers that can help make our Worldcon great. Joining the MidAmeriCon II staff means your fun and friend-making will start long before 2016. If you’re interested in helping us, email us at volunteers@ or go online to our website and fill out the volunteer form. We hope to hear from you soon!

Potential Program Participants

The MidAmeriCon II Program will be exciting, diverse, and inclusive. However…
To avoid confusion with the 2015 Worldcon (Sasquan), we will not be considering program participants until the Fall. Shortly after Sasquan, we’ll have a contact page on the website for you to volunteer to be considered as a program participant.
We will send out preliminary invitations in the Fall.


Each World Science Fiction Convention (“Worldcon”) is funded by memberships and supported by its members that given year. Membership in this event entitles you to partake in all the features of that Worldcon. (Note that single day passes that are made available closer to the convention do not include the rights of a Supporting membership such as voting rights for the site of a subsequent Worldcon, nominating and voting in the Hugo Awards, or receiving any Hugo nominees packet that the convention might produce.)

Memberships can be purchased at or by downloading a form from the website and mailing your payment to:
MidAmeriCon2 Registration PO Box 16 Santa Rosa, CA 95402

Your Attending membership covers not only convention programming but also events like the Hugo Awards Ceremony and the Masquerade as well as entry to a special exhibits hall, viewing and bidding on genre art in the Art Show, receiving the publications the Worldcon produces, and enjoying the many other services a Worldcon provides. Your membership is a key that opens the door to the wonder and tradition of Worldcon. Come and join us, we’ve been expecting you!

Installment Payment Plans and Family Memberships are available starting May 1, 2015

MidAmeriCon II is happy to provide an Attending Membership Installment Plan for those wanting to pay over a period of time. Our Installment Plan is a great way to “save the rate” since you lock in at the current membership rate when you start the plan. That way, your total membership price never increases even after our rates go up! More information about Attending Membership Installment Plans can be found on our Registration page at

A Family Membership package enables up to two adults and their children to purchase the appropriate level of membership for a reduced price. Family Memberships can be purchased for two adults and two or more children (aged 15 or under as of August 17, 2016) or young adults (children in the household between the ages of 16 and 25 as of August 17, 2016) who live in the same household. Please contact with any questions and/or to register your family!

Please be aware of the following before choosing our Installment Plan:
◆ On the membership selection page, you must choose either “Installment Plan Adult $50” or “Installment Plan Young Adult $50” to activate your plan.
◆ The initial $50 for your Installment Plan membership is not refundable and Installment Memberships can only be transferred after being paid for in full.
◆ You will have 30 days to pay off each invoice. If you fail to pay an invoice within the 30-day period, we will contact you. You may choose to leave the plan and have your conversion payments refunded (less the Supporting Membership and a $20 processing fee) or stay on the plan. If you stay on the plan, you will lose the benefits of the “lock-in” conversion rate, and your total conversion fee will be reset to the rate in force at the time. Your existing payments will of course continue to be credited towards your conversion.
◆ You can pay off your Installment Plan at any time by emailing We will send you a final payment invoice.
◆ If you need to cancel your Installment Plan or have any questions, please contact installmentplan@