We are thrilled to be working with KiddieCorp as the professional childcare provider for MidAmeriCon II. KiddieCorp has worked regularly with Worldcon in recent years ­including in Spokane, San Antonio, Los Angeles, Denver, Montreal, Reno, and Chicago ­and have an excellent understanding of our needs and interests. Childcare will be held in the Kansas City Marriott which is close to the convention center and also connected to it via underground tunnel. More information about our hotels and room bookings can be found on our hotel information page.

Child memberships costing $60 are available for all children (age 6 to 15 as of August 17, 2016), and include 5 hours of free childcare (perfect for dinner and the Hugo Awards!). Child memberships purchased via Family Memberships also receive 5 free hours of childcare. Additional hours are then chargeable at $10 per hour when you sign up for childcare before the convention or $15 per hour after August 3 or on­site. Kid-in-Tow memberships (no more than 5 years old at convention) do not include childcare.

Please note that childcare is very different from Children’s Programming and the two should not be confused. Childcare is open to children 6 months old to 12 years of age and is a paid for childcare service so that parents can have a break and some grownup time while enjoying the convention. Children’s Programming is for children ages 6 to 12 years and also their parents. It is not a child minding service, it is interactive convention programming geared towards younger attendees.

Please email us at if you have any questions or concerns!