What Is WSFS?


The World Science Fiction Society (WSFS) is the chain that connects individual Worldcon committees through a standard set of rules and procedures for the Hugo Awards, Worldcon and NASFiC Site Selection, and other duties of Worldcon committees. WSFS has no standing board or executive; its activities are conducted by each Worldcon committee and its membership is made up of the members of the current Worldcon. Members like you! The World Science Fiction Society (WSFS) consists of every member of the current Worldcon. (Thus, the membership of MidAmeriCon II is now the membership of WSFS and will remain so until the Closing Ceremonies on August 21, 2016.) WSFS is an open participatory democracy where every single member of the organization who shows up is able to participate as an equal member of the society.


Worldcon 75, Helsinki, Finland

Rules and procedures are codified in the WSFS Constitution and Standing Rules, which can be amended at the WSFS Business Meeting held at each Worldcon. The WSFS rules consist of a Constitution , which contains the rules for the Hugo Awards and for the selection of future Worldcons, and Standing Rules, which govern the conduct of the Business Meeting. Every Attending Member of MidAmeriCon II can attend the Business Meeting, propose additions or changes, debate proposals and offer amendments, and vote on them. Supporting Members can propose business but not attend the meeting or debate business.

Changes to the WSFS Constitution, including any changes to the rules for the Hugo Awards, must be approved by votes at two consecutive Worldcons (for example, MidAmeriCon II this year and Worldcon 75 next year in Helsinki, Finland). In addition, new proposals may be introduced each year. Meetings are conducted under a relatively formal structure, according to (in descending order): the WSFS Constitution and Standing Rules, other rules published in advance by the current Committee; the customs and usages of WSFS (including the resolutions and rulings of continuing effect, meaning those that are likely to continue to have an effect for more than a year); and the current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised.

Read more about the WSFS Business Meeting to learn more about WSFS, the Hugo and Site Selection rules, other items of business before up for debate this year and more.

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