WSFS Business Meeting

Updated versions of the WSFS Constitution, Standing Rules, and Resolutions and Rulings of Continuing Effect, with the changes made by the actions of the MidAmeriCon II Business Meeting can be found on

How are Hugo Award categories determined? Who determines how voting works in Site Selection? When can Worldcons raise membership rates?

Worldcon members can find answers by reading the WSFS Constitution in the MidAmeriCon II Souvenir Guide…but how is the content of the Constitution created or modified?

Read A Guide to the WSFS Business Meeting to learn how. Further information on WSFS can be found on our What is WSFS? page.

Details About the Business Meeting at MidAmeriCon II (Time, Location)

All meetings/sessions will be held in Room 2104AB of the Convention Center. To get to 2104 A/B from outside the Convention Center, enter the 2100 lobby via the 13th Street Underpass. From the Exhibit Hall (Either D or E) take the escalators or elevator to the 2300 lobby/con registration, follow the signs for the 2200 rooms and then follow the signs for 2100.; this will take you outside, via the 13th Street Underpass, to the Meeting.

Here is a map showing the location of the Meeting.

WSFS Business Meeting Location

Map Showing Location of the WSFS Business Meeting

All meetings/sessions will begin at 10 am.

  • Preliminary Business Meeting: Thursday, August 18*
  • Main Business Meeting Session 1: Friday, August 19
  • Site Selection Business Meeting (Main Business Meeting Session 2): Saturday, August 20
  • Main Business Meeting Session 3: Sunday, August 21

*The Preliminary Business Meeting is important because it sets debate time for all business. Motions to Object to Consideration and Postpone Indefinitely are in order. For more information on the Preliminary Business Meeting, and an explanation of these motions, see the Guide to the WSFS Business Meeting.

Submitting New Business

The deadline for submitting New Business has passed. The agenda is now final.

Business to Be Debated

MidAmeriCon II WSFS Business Meeting Agenda

The agenda for the 2016 WSFS Business Meeting to be held at MidAmeriCon II is below. This document will be updated as new business, committee reports, and/or Worldcon and NASFiC financial reports are submitted. The contents page of the agenda provides hyperlinks to each item of business.

The contents of the agenda are listed below by section:

Business Passed on to MidAmeriCon II by Chicon 7 and Sasquan

  • The following item was ratified at Chicon 7 in 2012 and must be re-ratified by MidAmeriCon II in 2016 in order to remain part of the Worldcon Constitution.
    • A.1 Short Title: Best Fancast
  • The following Constitutional Amendments were approved at Sasquan in 2015 and passed on to MidAmeriCon II for ratification. If ratified, they will become part of the Constitution at the conclusion of MidAmeriCon II.*
    • A.2 Short Title: The Five Percent Solution
    • A.3 Short Title: Multiple Nominations
    • A.4 Short Title: Nominee Diversity
    • A.5 Short Title: Electronic Signatures
    • A.7 Short Title: E Pluribus Hugo
    • A.6 Short Title: 4 and 6
      *The numbering of these items reflects items the numbering system used by Sasquan.

New Business Submitted to MidAmeriCon II
WSFS members may submit new business for consideration by the Business Meeting. Motions submitted prior to the convention will be published here as they become available.

  • B.1 Resolutions

The FOLLE Committee and YA Hugo Study Committee have submitted resolutions as part of their reports requesting the meeting to reform the respective committee with the ability to add new members. These resolutions will be taken up during committee reports.

  • B.2 Constitutional Amendments
    • B.2.1 Short Title: Best Series
    • B.2.2 Short Title: December is Good Enough
    • B.2.3 Short Title: Two Years are Good Enough
      • B.2.3.1 This Year’s Awards, This Year’s Nominations (amendment by substitution)
    • B.2.4 Short Title: Three Stage Voting (3SV), Or “The Only Winning Move Is Not to Play”
    • B.2.5 Short Title: Additional Finalists
    • B.2.6 Short Title: EPH+
    • B.2.7 Short Title: Defining North America
    • B.2.8 Short Title: Restrospective Improvement
    • B.2.9 Short Title: Universal Suffrage
    • B.2.10 Short Title: Non-transferability of Voting Rights
    • B.2.11 Short Title: Young Adult Award

WSFS Committee Reports and Resolutions Submitted to MidAmeriCon II
WSFS has a number of committees which are obliged to report to the Business Meeting. Their 2016 reports are published here as they become available. Resolutions submitted by the committees are listed here and will be discussed within this part of the agenda. Constitutional amendments submitted by the committee are listed under New Business and will be discussed within that part of the agenda.

  • Standing Committees of WSFS
    • Mark Protection Committee
  • Standing Committees of the Business Meeting
    • Nitpicking & Flyspecking Committee
    • Worldcon Runners Guide Editorial Committee
  • Special Committees
    • Formalization of Long List Entries (FOLLE) Committee
    • YA Hugo Award Study Committee
  • Temporary Committees
    • Series Hugo Committee (See Appendix 2)

Worldcon/NASFiC Financial Reports
All Worldcons and NASFiCs are required to present annual financial reports to the Business Meeting from the time they are elected until they close their accounts. A number of Worldcons and NASFiCs are due to present reports at MidAmeriCon II; we will publish them here as they become available.

  • Anticipation
  • Chicon 7
  • LoneStarCon 3
  • Loncon 3
  • Detcon 1
  • Sasquan
  • MidAmeriCon II
  • Worldcon 75

WSFS Rules and Documents

Updated versions of the WSFS Constitution, Standing Rules, and Resolutions and Rulings of Continuing Effect, with the changes made by the actions of the MidAmeriCon II Business Meeting can be found on

Pre-MidAmeriCon II rules and documents:

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