Hugo Nominations Have Closed!

Thank you for participating.

To nominate you will need your Hugo PIN number (located on your Progress Report 2 envelope or via email from us) and your membership number. Hugo PINs are being emailed out between January 27 – February 5, 2016 to people who elected for electronic publications and are members of the eligible Worldcons. PINs from last year’s Sasquan have bee an invalidated and will not work with this process.

People wishing to participate in the Retro Hugos are encouraged to review our collected summaries of eligible material for the year on our Retro Hugo page.

If you have not yet received a notice of your Hugo PIN please email hugopin@midamericon2.org

Nominations will close on March 31, 2016.

Hugo Voting Process

The Hugo Awards voting process has two stages: a nomination period and a final voting period. During the nomination period ballots may be cast by members of MidAmeriCon II and Worldcon 75 (as of January 31) and members from Sasquan, the 73rd Worldcon.

After the nomination period closes, only members of MidAmeriCon II are eligible to vote on the final ballot.

If you have any questions about the nomination or voting process, please email hugoadmin@midamericon2.org

Common Hugo Questions and Our Answers!

1. I haven’t read enough to know if the things I liked are the best.

(that’s okay – nominate what you like, if enough other people agree, it will rise to the top)

2. I can’t think of 5 nominations for a category.

(no problem – five is the maximum, not the minimum, you can nominate less than 5)

3. I don’t feel I know anything about (insert category).

(no problem, you don’t have to nominate in every category)

4. I didn’t have time to read anything written in 2015.

(did pesky science fiction conventions keep you from reading science fiction last year? we feel your pain on this and wish we had a solution! you have until March 31!)