Patrick and Teresa Nielsen Hayden

Guests of Honor

As fans and professionals, Patrick and Teresa Nielsen Hayden have been involved in the science fiction world for nearly forty years. Together, they edited and published many fanzines (including the Hugo-nominated Izzard), helped organize many conventions (including the legendary Iguanacon, the 1978 Worldcon in Phoenix), served as the TAFF delegates in 1985, co-founded the New York Review of Science Fiction in 1989, and in 2003 were awarded the Edward E. Smith Memorial Award (the “Skylark”) for service to fantasy and SF. They have also both been associated with Tor Books for over a quarter of a century.

Patrick is an Associate Publisher at Tor and the manager of its fantasy and SF lines. Over the years he has worked editorially with authors ranging from Arthur C. Clarke, David Weber, and Damon Knight, to Emma Bull, Ken MacLeod, and Charles de Lint. He has been responsible for publishing the first novels of many of today’s most notable writers, including Maureen F. McHugh, Susan Palwick, Jonathan Lethem, Cory Doctorow, Jo Walton, and John Scalzi, and he has won three Hugo Awards for Best Editor (Long Form). A one-time managing editor of Tor, Teresa is now a consulting editor there, in which capacity she has edited books by authors including Avram Davidson, Harry Turtledove, Jane Lindskold, Poul Anderson, and Steven Brust. In 2006, Robert Charles Wilson’s Spin, which Teresa edited, won the Hugo Award for best novel of the year. And in 2012, Jo Walton’s novel Among Others, acquired by Patrick and edited by both him and Teresa, won both the Nebula and Hugo Awards. Other award-winning books edited by Patrick include Jo Walton’s earlier novel Tooth and Claw, winner of the World Fantasy Award, and John Scalzi’s Redshirts, winner of the 2013 Hugo for Best Novel.

Patrick has edited several original and reprint anthologies. His original anthology Starlight 1 won a World Fantasy Award, and his most recent anthology is the massive reprint collection Twenty-First Century Science Fiction (2013), co-edited with David G. Hartwell. Since 2008, Patrick has also been acquiring and editing original short fiction for the Macmillan site

Teresa has been celebrated as an essayist since the late 1970s, when she began to write for fanzines, both her own and those of others. She was a finalist for the Best Fan Writer Hugo in 1984 and 1991, and her 1994 essay collection Making Book was a finalist for the Hugo Award for Best Nonfiction Book. Although essays by Teresa have appeared in venues ranging from the Observer to the Mississippi Review, most of her published writing appears on Making Light (, founded by Teresa in 2002 and now maintained by Teresa and Patrick with the help of Abi Sutherland and Avram Grumer.

Patrick and Teresa are both permanent faculty at the SF-and-fantasy writing workshop Viable Paradise, held annually on Martha’s Vineyard. Together and separately they have also taught at various other writing workshops, inside and outside the SF world. They live in Brooklyn, New York, where they pursue obsessive historical interests, make music, spend too much time on the internet, and keep hamsters (one hamster at a time).