Kinuko Y. Craft

Guest of Honor

Kinuko Craft is a Renaissance woman. By this I mean not that she paints like the Renaissance painters, but that she is an artist for all seasons, for all kinds of subjects, and in all kinds of styles. If you will survey her works, you will find little duplication in form, color or texture. She fits herself to her subject with charming ease and yet leaves herself free to remain herself. There is an air about all of her illustrations of one who is a true connoisseur of art, wide-ranging through all the countries of the world. One cannot help but think how delightful it would be to walk into gallery of her kaleidoscopic talents.” – Ray Bradbury

Kinuko Y. Craft is one of the most widely respected and versatile artists in the United States. Her past commissions have included editorial art for major national magazines such as Time, Newsweek, Forbes, National Geographic, and many others; book jacket art for many well-known authors; opera poster designs, and illustrated picture books. During her career she has become known for meticulous attention to detail, a passionate love of fine art and a deep knowledge of art history. Craft’s work has been widely exhibited in the USA as well as in Europe and Japan. She has work in private collections in New York City, Atlanta GA, Santa Barbara CA, Dallas TX, Connecticut, San Francisco CA, Morristown, NJ, other American cities and towns and in Italy, The Netherlands, Japan and Greece. It can also be found public collections at The National Portrait Gallery at the Smithsonian, The Museum of American Illustration in New York City, The National Geographic Society and other corporate collections. Her illustrated books have been distributed in the USA, other English language countries, Europe, Greece, China, and Korea.

Ms. Craft was born in Japan and is a graduate, BFA 1962, of The Kanazawa Municipal College of Fine and Industrial Art (presently known in Japan as the Kanazawa College of Art). She came to the United States in the early sixties as a graduate student where she continued studies in design and illustration at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago for a year and a half. Subsequently, she worked for several years in well-known Chicago art studios. Her first commission was for Playboy Magazine while still a studio artist. By the late sixties, her work was in wide demand and she had begun a long and successful career that continues to this day. Her original art can be seen at Borsini-Burr Gallery in Montara, CA.