Visit this page for convention news, for press credential information, press registration and for our latest press releases.

On-Site Press Office

Press Office is located in the Convention Center, room 2213

Press Office hours are: Wed/Thur/Fri 10 a.m. — 6 p.m., Sat 10 a.m. — 5:30 p.m., Sun 10 a.m. — 2 p.m.

Press Releases

2016.02.02: Press Release #1 – MidAmeriCon II Announces Hugo Nomination Period Open.

2016.04.14: Press Release #2 – MidAmeriCon II Hugo Finalist Announcement will be April 26

2016.04.26: Press Release #3 – MidAmeriCon II 1941 Retro Hugo Award Finalists

2016.04.26: Press Release #4 – MidAmeriCon II 2016 Hugo Award Finalists

2016.05.16: Press Release #5 – MidAmeriCon II Announces Hugo Voting Opens

2016.06.01: Press Release #6 – MidAmeriCon II Site Selection Process Opens

2016.06.15: Press Release #7 – MidAmeriCon II Announces Progress Report 3

2016.06.16: Press Release #8 – MidAmeriCon II Announces 2016 and 1941 Hugo Base Designers

2016.06.21: Press Release #9 – MidAmeriCon II Announces Day and Weekend Rates

2016.06.27: Press Release #10 – MidAmeriCon II Brings The Force Back To Kansas City

2016.07.04: Press Release #11 – MidAmeriCon II To Host International Film Festival

2016.07.07: Press Release #12 – MidAmeriCon II Welcomes Young Fans of All Ages

2016.07.13: Press Release #13 – Paul and Storm to Perform at MidAmeriCon II

2016.07.28: Press Release #14 – MidAmeriCon II Announces Pre-Registration Closing on 5 August

2016.08.03: Press Release #15 – MidAmeriCon II Takes Flight with NASA Special Guests

2016.08.05: Press Release #16 – MidAmeriCon II Release Full Convention Program Details

Press Guidelines for MidAmeriCon II

MidAmeriCon II will be offering two levels of press access to journalists at the convention, full press passes and press credentials. Passes must be requested before August 7, 2016!

  • PRESS PASSES, issued without payment from the journalist or organizations, will offered to full or part time professional reporters who are accredited to publicly known and recognized news gathering organizations. Identification from these entities must from an established source (photo ID with the source, etc.), one that can be verified.
  • PRESS CREDENTIALS will be issued to all non-professional journalists, a category which includes, bloggers, podcasters, fan writers and non-traditional reporters. Payment for a membership with MidAmericon II is REQUIRED.

Contact our Press Office!

Press identification from journalists working for a freelance working on spec, such as Society of Professional Journalists, National Press Photographers Association, the American Society of Media Photographers will be accepted.  A letter signed by an editor or the like, from a newspaper, magazine or other media organization, on letterhead is acceptable.

Please be aware that full press passes do not entitle journalists to voting rights for the Hugo Awards nor voting or participatory rights at the annual World Science Fiction Business Meeting, although it does allow attendance at the Hugo Awards Ceremony and the daily Business Meeting sessions.

For bloggers and fan writers, the blog and/or fanzine you write must be received and reviewed by the Press Office staff by August 7, 2016 and must be sufficiently on topic (or potentially so), and has been established for at least 6 months prior to the convention.

Livejournal or Facebook pages will not count towards professional credentials nor will amateur sites created for the express purpose of attending the convention.

As a member of the media, you will be offered seating in a specified area at the Masquerade and Hugo Award Ceremony, *IF AND ONLY IF* you are pre-registered up for such seating, preferably before the convention as indicated with your advanced registration form or when you sign in at the Press Office on site. Be forewarned that seating at these events will be limited.

We will make the Press Office available on a limited basis for interviews. We will take requests for interviews with the Guests of Honor or other attending members of the convention but we cannot guarantee their availability at the convention, we only relay your requests. It is strongly suggested that you contact anyone you want to interview in advance of the convention for such arrangements.

Photography at the Art Show is strictly prohibited unless it is a wide or establishing shot of the overall area that does not focus in on a particular work of art. Permission to photograph works of art must be documented and obtained in writing in advance of the convention from the artist and the head of the Art Show Exhibit area.

Also; please be respectful of fans, artists, editors and writers you encounter. As a journalist, you should be aware that SF fans have either received or been the targets of negative notices in the media in the past. Occasionally you may be rebuffed for interview requests or encounter some hostility from those attending. All members of the press are expected to read and abide by our Code of Conduct policy and if needed the Press Office staff will work with the press and the convention’s Response Team to help mediate any issues that might occur. Please contact our office immediately on-site if there is an problem or you need assistance.