Fan Tables

Worldcons traditionally offer complimentary Fan Tables to non-profit groups organized by members of a particular science fiction/fantasy fandom or convention. Fan Tables are an opportunity for attendees to get information about other fan groups and for fan groups to introduce themselves to fans from around the world. MidAmeriCon II has a limited number of tables available for fan groups to promote themselves and to sell memberships or club paraphernalia. (If you would like to sell more than memberships and T-shirts, please investigate the Creators Alley or Dealers Room).

The following conventions, convention bids, clubs, and societies have already reserved or are expected to reserve a Fan Table at MidAmeriCon II:

Worldcon and Worldcon bids

Other Conventions and Bids

Other Groups

Mid-Continent Public Library
Kansas City Public Library
Kansas City, Kansas, Public Library
Johnson County Public Library
Heinlein Society
Spectrum Fantastic Art Live 5

Important Table Information:

  • The deadline for reserving Fan Tables was July 15, 2016.
  • Everyone who staffs your Fan Table must be an Attending Member of MidAmeriCon II.
  • Although there is “free Internet” in the convention center, it is very low-bandwidth and is expected to be heavily used. You might want to have other backup options available (such as cell phones, personal hot spots, and the like) if you need Square, web access, or other online access.
  • If you have questions about Fan Tables at MidAmeriCon II, please contact us at