Sponsor a Bench and/or a Park

Thanks everyone who sponsored a bench for the Exhibit Hall:

  • Family of Richard Lipp
  • Boston 2020 Christmas Worldcon Bid
  • Linda Deneroff
  • File 770
  • The Kansas City Science Fiction and Fantasy Society (KaCSFFS)
  • Ann Leckie
  • San Jose in 2018
  • Tor/Forge
  • New Zealand 2020 Bid
  • New Orleans in 2018 Bid
  • San Juan in 2017 Bid
  • Bill Thomasson

Thanks to the groups and individuals who bring their passions into cons and make them better,

One of the advantages of being favored with five acres of exhibit hall space is that we have the room to make our dreams come true.  One of our dreams was to put a river through it – which we’re doing! And what is a river, or a park alongside it, without park benches to sit on and admire the view or converse with a friend?

Following the tradition of Loncon 3, the Worldcon in London a couple of years ago (in fannish terms, if it’s been done once, it’s a tradition, right?), we are offering you and your group the opportunity to get your message out, publicize your fan group, memorialize a lost friend, honor a member, or commemorate an occasion by sponsoring a lovely metal bench (shown below).

For more information, write to exhibits@midamericon2.org.