Art Show


2016 Artist Showcase


The art show at MidAmeriCon II will feature works of art from internationally-renowned artists and new voices alike, in a range of styles including traditional media, digital art, photography, jewelry, and many more.

artshowawardArt Show Award Winners

Winners selected by a jury

Best in Show – Christina Yoder
Best Wearable Three-Dimensional Work – Denise Garner
Best Non-Wearable Three-Dimensional Work – Ronnie Hansen
Best Color Two-Dimensional Work – Christine Mitzuk
Best Black & White Two-Dimensional Work – Gabriella Quiroz

Instead of award ribbons, the Art Show commissioned Catherine Crowe to create this piece of enamelwork.

MidAmeriCon II Artists List!

There will be two sections in the art show: the Auction Gallery and the Print Shop.

  • Work in the Auction Gallery will be labeled with bid sheets that display availability and pricing, among other info.  Items labeled with NFS will be Not For Sale.  Items with Minimum Bids will be available primarily via written auction, with the most sought-after pieces going to the live auction on Saturday.  Unsold items with Quick Sale prices will be available for immediate purchase only if there are no bids currently on the bid sheet.  Items purchased or won from the Auction Gallery can be picked up on Sunday; there will be Sunday/After-Auction Sales.
  • Work in the Print Shop can be purchased at a flat rate (as labeled on each piece) and removed by the buyer immediately after purchase.

All pricing will be in, and all sales collected in, United States dollars.  Buyers may pay for art with cash, check, traveler’s checks, VISA, Discover, American Express, or MasterCard.  All bids will be binding, and all sales will be final.

Security: The MidAmeriCon II art show will not have a bag check station, but will have uniformed security on site.  Photography will be prohibited except for official convention photographers and supervised press (including television).

Awards: We plan to have five main awards: Best 2-D Monochrome, Best 2-D Color, Best 3-D Jewelry, Best 3-D Non-Jewelry, and Best Body of Work.  A jury will determine winners prior to the show opening to the public, and these awards will be presented at the Live Art Auction.


We need assistance for the art show in pre-con preparations and on-site tasks.  If you or someone you know is interested in helping, we can be reached at


MidAmericon II is no longer accepting space reservations at this time.

If you are still interested in reserving space, we have a waiting list in case of alterations or cancellations; if you have any questions or wish to be added to this list, please contact

This is a gallery format show; artists can set up their artwork before the show opens on Tuesday and Wednesday (Aug 16th & 17th) and then leave to enjoy the convention.  The art show staff will handle everything else from there, including security, ringing up buyers, auction logistics, etc.  Artists can then return on Sunday to pick up any unsold work.

 Art Show Policies

Exhibiting Artists: Click here to access your account in the Art Show Database

More information on the art show can be found in our full policies document (linked above), in the program book, and will be added to this page as needed/able.  If you have any specific questions, please contact