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2016.08.21: MAC 2 News Issue 11: PDF
Mac 2 News, the Hugo Edition, Issue 10: PDF

We need help for move-out, this afternoon, this evening and on Monday. If you have any time to spare, please stop up at the Volunteer table in the Exhibit Hall (near the tropical drink stand).

Don’t forget to bring your time sheets to Volunteers today! If you don’t plan to work Moveout and have a MIMO badge, please bring that to Volunteers as well.

Directions to the Business Meeting

The WSFS Business Meeting and the Fannish Inquisition are held in a room on the north side of 13th St., unlike the rest of our rooms in the KCCC which are on the south side of 13th St. (the road that runs under the KCCC one block south of the Marriott). Enter the KCCC by the door on the Marriott side of 13th St. Walk to the hallway in front of you on your right where you see the display cases. The meeting room, 2104AB, is on your left at street level.

Archived Newsletters

MidAmeriCon II (2016)

MAC II News edited by Laurie Mann.

  • Issue 11: PDF, Sunday noon
  • Issue 10.1: Hugo edition – PDF, Saturday night/Sunday morning
  • Issue 9: PDF, Saturday afternoon
  • Issue 8: PDF, Saturday morning
  • Issue 7: Masquerade Edition – PDF, Saturday morning
  • Issue 6: PDF, Friday afternoon
  • Issue 5: PDF, Friday morning
  • Issue 4: WordPress or PDF, Thursday afternoon
  • Issue 3: WordPress or PDF, Thursday morning
  • Issue 2: WordPress or PDF Wednesday afternoon
  • Issue 1: WordPress or PDF, Wednesday morning
  • Issue 0: WordPress or PDF, Tuesday morning

MidAmeriCon (1976)

Bullsheet edited by Linda Bushyager.

Bullsheet 1 * * Bullsheet 2 * * Bullsheet 3 * * Bullsheet 4 * * Bullsheet 5

Thanks to FANAC for scanning and hosting the Bullsheets.

Keeping up with News at the Convention

There are several ways to keep up with news and schedule changes at the con.

Traditional: The printed newsletter, MAC II News, will generally be published twice a day, in the late morning and late afternoon. There will also be special editions for the Masquerade results and the Hugo Award results. You’ll find MAC II News newsletters and Schedule Change Pages distributed at various locations throughout the convention.

Online: Follow @MidAmeriCon2 on Twitter or the MidAmeriCon II Facebook group. We will be posting schedule changes, party information, and will even live-tweet the Business Meeting. WordPress and PDF versions will be available online here right after publication.

The online schedule will be updated daily with all of the latest schedule changes. We suggest you take a minute every morning to update the schedule on your smartphone or tablet before you leave for the convention so you can check for changes before you even get to the con. Updating the schedule before you reach the Convention Center will help cut down on the expected heavy WIFI and data traffic. Schedule changes made after the Pocket Program went to press (you’ll get a printed copy of the Pocket Program when you register) will also be available on printed Schedule Change Sheets and in the Newsletter.

If you have news for social media and for MAC II News, send it to The Newsletter office will be in Bartle Hall, just across from the Information Booth.

We’re also having a panel to discuss news distribution at conventions.