Memories of a First Time WorldCon Attendee

By Terri M. LeBlanc

As a first time WorldCon attendee, I have been dazzled by Kansas City, the people I have met and the panels I have attended.

Part of the WorldCon experience is encountering fans at every turn. While riding on the bus on Wednesday afternoon, I encountered a lovely couple from Toronto. We exchanged tips for starting local writers’ groups. Standing line on Thursday morning, my friend and I had a lovely conversation with a couple from Nevada who have travelled to many Conventions over the year. We shared our knowledge about local places to grab breakfast and a decent cup of joe. And on Thursday afternoon, while camped out waiting for the George R.R. Martin signing, I met two fellow Cast Members from The Disney Company, one current and one former and we swapped memories of working for The Mouse House.

My wait to get my husband’s book, Lowball, once George’s signing session started, was not long. I proceeded to the table, book open to the title page, anxiously waiting to see George and get the book inscribed. George commented about the number of signatures already on the title page. He seemed impressed that I had approached the other contributing authors to sign the novel. I was flattered to hear his observation and fangirled a bit for my husband who is a long time fan of the Wild Card series.

The signing happened so quickly that I was able to make it to a session about Doctor Who where I enjoyed learning more about the new showrunner, Chris Chibnall. I was overjoyed when Lynne M. Thomas agreed to sign my Chicks Dig Time Lords and Chicks Unravel Time book before rushing off to her next session. I also ran into author Kathryn Sullivan late on Wednesday night and she was also kind enough to sign Chicks Dig Time Lords and spend a few moments chatting. All the authors I’ve encountered have been so kind, gracious and willing to sign one of the many books I’m lugging around. Perhaps I’ll return to Iowa all buff and fit from carting so many books around.

So far the icing on the cake has been the “What’s New from Tor” panel. Learning about upcoming novels is always a joy for this book blogger. The length of my TBR pile stretches from here to the moon and the goal, of course, is to have it stretch to Pluto. I snapped several pictures of upcoming novels, feverishly wrote down more in my notebook and drooled over the some amazing artwork. But I’m almost certain that I will be winning the “Best Wife Ever” Award as Tor presented all the panel attendees with tickets to a signing event on Friday for the new Wild Cards series novel.

While I don’t want my adventures at WorldCon to end on Sunday, I am excited to return home with tons of memories and ready to accept my “Best Wife Ever” Award as a present my husband with his sigend copy of Lowball and a copy of High Stakes before it hits shelves.

Short Biography

Terri M. LeBlanc has over 10 years of project management experience in the higher education marketing world plus over 3 years of experience in planning bookworm-run conventions. She is the director of Second Run Reviews, a blog dedicated to educating readers about new authors, books and bookish technology.

Photo courtesy of Robyn Photography