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Thursday, August 18, 2016
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3181 warm bodies as of Wednesday evening.

Gaming Updates

Due to issues syncing up online games registration with real-time events, we’ll close online sign-ups each morning before the hall opens for that day. You’ll still be able to sign up for the next day’s events at the Gaming desk or on warhorn.

There is a LARP event Friday: “The Association for the Advancement of the Rights of Fairytale Creatures.”  It will run from 2—6 p.m. in Bennie Moten B in the Marriott, facilitated by Tor Editor Liz Gorinsky. You can get more info and can sign up in the Gaming area.

Business Meeting Info & Directions

The Preliminary Business Meeting set debate time on all but a few motions. Additional Finalists, which would have allowed Hugo administrators to add up to two finalists to the Hugo ballot, was postponed indefinitely, killing it for this year. The other item to be defeated was an amendment to the item limiting the Hugo nomination pool to members of the current and immediately past Worldcons (removing members of the immediately succeeding Worldcon from nomination). The proposed amendment, which failed, was to limit nominations to members only of this year’s Worldcon.

A proposed amendment to strike the re-eligibility clause in the Best Series proposal was sent to committee to report back tomorrow due to questions about how it affected initial eligibility. Lastly, the proposal to change the rules regarding Retro Hugos was divided into three separate clauses, to be debated at a future session of the Meeting.

The Meeting also took the report of the WSFS Mark Protection Committee and accepted nominations for that committee. EPH, EPH+ and 4&6 amendments were moved to Sunday’s WSFS Business Meeting.

The WSFS Business Meeting room, 2104AB is on the north side of 13th St., unlike the rest of our rooms in the KCCC which are on the south side of 13th St. (the road that runs under the KCCC, one block south of the Marriott).   Enter the KCCC by the door on the Marriott side of 13th St.  Walk to the hallway in front of you, where you will see display cases on your right.  The meeting room, 2104AB,  is on your left at street level.

Seeking Hospitality Volunteers

Of all the hard jobs at a con, Hospitality is one of the hardest. At MidAmeriCon II Hospitality is open long hours in the Exhibit Hall, bringing you snacks and drinks. But if you love to run parties and if you have enjoyed the food, pass it forward by visiting our Volunteer Desk, signing up, and working a shift at Hospitality. Any shift you can fill prepping food makes a better convention for all.  Stop at the Volunteer Desk near the “tropical drinks” stand at the far end of the Exhibit Hall from the Dealers Room.

More Volunteer News!

Todd Dashoff, Volunteer Area Head, is very busy but would like to wish his wife Joni a Happy 31st Anniversary!

Con HQ Evening Hours

Con HQ is always available by phone at 816-400-8441. The physical office is closed from 2 a.m.—10 a.m., but the phone is always covered if you need late night or early morning assistance.

Tonight’s Parties

Party                          “Room”         

San Jose in 2018              42                     

New Orleans in 2018     1138            

New Zealand in 2020          3.1415926      

San Jose in 2017                   5                  

Valley Forge in 2017        451            

Dublin in 2019               1984             

Arisia                               2001

Room Con                              9 ¾

1976 MidAmeriCon Memories

by Mary Kay Kare

I remember meeting Alfie Bester at David Hartwell’s party. He drew a sketch in the autograph pages of my program book & signed it. A lovely energetic man.

I remember standing in a hall outside some party while Frank Herbert described to me the best way to build bookshelves. He told Damon Knight I was beautiful.bobsilverbergdamonknight

I remember being introduced to Robert Silverberg & being unable to do anything other than gibber pitifully.

I remember the desk clerk at the hotel being totally flummoxed when I tried to check in a couple days after my (first) husband had arrived. Because a female friend was sharing our room & they had already checked in as Mr & Mrs Charles Jackson. Poor man didn’t know where to look or what to do. It was obvious he expected an explosion & got even more confused when I just laughed.

I remember the liquor store clerk, his store a war-zone around him, saying in tones of wonder, “You people drink more than Republicans.” (The Republican National Convention had preceded us in the facilities.

The waitresses at the Pioneer Grill were all about 80 years old & surly on a good day. And their feet hurt. And, at 2 a.m. watching the ladies of the evening strike out. [[Ed. note: I saw the same thing at 3 a.m.!]]

We used three hotels, only two of which are still there, the Raddison Muehlebach [[Ed note: Now part of the Marriott]], the Dixon Inn, and the Phillips. The 4th corner of that intersection was a liquor store.

Damon Knight was making drinks at Dave Hartwell’s party.

The Wichita group had a party at which we served a drink I have had no where else. They were called Blue Devils and closely resembled Windex in color. I think Everclear was involved. That drink prompted Howard Waldrop to ask God to have mercy on my soul.

Nick Falkner’s Bigger & More Detailed Lightning Talk

“Design Fiction for Global Education” will be in the Flexible Activities Space, Friday from 10:20–10:50 a.m. Nick will discuss how can going to the Moon and science fiction The Martian can help bring free, high-quality education to everyone in the next 25 years.  Please come along!  Follow @nickfalkner on Twitter.


We’re Here! It’s Beer!

by Murray

Boulevard Brewing opened in 1989 and has been producing wonderful beers in an ever-expanding range of styles ever since. Their Pale Ale, Unfiltered Wheat and Bully! Porter have won numerous awards in competitions all over the world. Their Smokestack Series includes Tank 7 Farmhouse Ale, Long Strange Trippel, Sixth Glass Quad, and Dark Truth Stout. The Ginger-Lemon Radler is perfect for a warm summer day.

They have been expanding into sour beers with the Tell-Tale Tart and their latest release, Funky Pumpkin, a sour ale, and its brett-infused cousin, Funkier Pumpkin.

Boulevard beers can be found al over KC, both on tap and in bottles. Additionally, the brewery is just minutes away from the con, and they conduct tours daily, which end up in the tasting room, where their latest experiments can be sampled. Check them out at

Thursday Blood Donors


Photos by Laurie Mann