MAC II News: Issue 3


August 18, 2016
Twitter: @MidAmeriCon2

MAC II News Editor: Laurie Mann
Writers: Katie Daniels, Adrienne Foster, Sharon Sbarsky, Suzan Spitzberg
Minion: John Hauwiller
Logo & Art: Teddy Harvia

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Code of Conduct:
Problems? Come to Con HQ (Exhibit Hall) or call IRT: 816-800-2550

Today’s Highlights

Fannish Inquisition, 3 p.m.—5p.m., KCCC, 2104AB: Learn about the upcoming Worldcon and NASFiC bids

Chesley Awards Ceremony, 6 p.m.—7 p.m., KCCC, 3501F, Bradley Denton: Awards for art and artists.

RetroHugo Awards & Swing Dance, 8 p.m.—11 p.m., Tucker Stage (3501A): Awards for 1941 SF, music and dance.

New Item 

Unveiling Ceremony for the Heinlein Hall of Famous Missourians, noon, Art Show

Film Festival Highlights

Thursday 8:10 p.m., 2504A: Meet the filmmakers of KILD TV, with introduction about their film followed by Q&A.       

Friday 4 p. m.,  2504A: Directors S]Sunni and Jason Brook will talk about the life of  Worldcon’s own Forrest J Ackerman.

Saturday 4 p.m.—5 p.m., 2504A:  Meet horror director Patrick Rea.  Screening three of his short films with behind the scenes look on his films.

KCCC Maps at Information

Clearer maps of the convention center are at Info – just ask!

Whiffle Ball Game Today

Sign up at Information if you have a team or just show up at Heinlein Field at 4 p.m. to join a team! All ages/skill levels welcome, but those under 18 should have a parent present (legal issues). No experience necessary, just show up to have fun & a little exercise running around the bases.

Vote for the Pegasus Awards

If you love to filk, the 2016 Pegasus Award Ballot is now online. The Pegasus Awards are for Excellence in Filking.  Visit this link to vote:

Blood Drive

If you feel well and have a free hour today, tomorrow or Saturday between   10 a.m. and 4 p.m., go to the 2300 Lobby across from Registration and donate a pint of blood at the Kansas City Community Blood Center Blood Drive.


MidAmeriCon GoH Robert Heinlein & the Heinlein Society would say “Thanks!”

Like to Sing?

Want to perform at Worldcon? We have not one, not two, but three open mic sessions! Thursday at 3 p.m., Friday and Saturday at 2 p.m. Sign up in 2505a. A loaner guitar will be available

Food Truck Invasion

Every Thursday from 11:30-1:30, you’ll find food trucks at the corner of 12th & Walnut.  Exit KCCC at 13th St., turn right on 13th. going past Barney Allis Plaza, walk 3 short blocks to Walnut, go left, walk 1 long block to Oppenstein Park.  Food trucks have also been known to park on 13th St., if you find the French Fries and BBQ truck, try it!

Blast from the Past

The panel on Time Travel will be held at MidAmericon 1, in 1976.

Toastmaster Pat Cadigan Selfie of Opening Ceremony


Pat gave MidAmeriCon II a rousing opening in the Robert A. Heinlein Stadium in the back of the Exhibit Hall (AKA the Quidditch Pitch).

Volunteer Discount Coupons

If you work a few hours, you’ll get discount coupons good at many of the food booths in the Exhibit Hall.  However, they are not good at the bar, the coffee booth, Maui Wow or Dippin’ Dots.

Food Glorious Food

Two fans recommended Blvd Tavern, 320 Southwest Blvd., 816-421-1023: Good food, great service, modern American, casual setting. Rabbit Season/Duck Season excellent, ice tea not so much. 3.75 stars out of 5.

Majestic Steakhouse, 931 Broadway, 2 blocks north of Marriott. Excellent steaks including bison. Excellent service, good wine list, decent beer list, live jazz.  Pricey but on the VisitKC Discount page.


Thursday Crossword Puzzle

by Barry Haldiman


Crossword Clues


1. Headgear for Campbell Award winner                      

6. Dr. Leary’s drug                                    

9. Hugo Award winner for fanzine in 1974   10. Mo. after Mar.                                 

11. Military academy freshman               

12. Eggs of fish                                        

13. Real-estate holding account            

15. Brain in a ___                                   

17. Olive of comics                               

18. Attach securely                                

20. Print measures                                    

21. Kind of pear                                        

25. Souvenir shirt                                  

26. Laugh-a-minute folks                      

27. Curved letter                                    

28. Fourth Doctor companion


1. Keg insert                                             

2. ___ at ease                                           

3. Golden ___ of Science Fiction                  

4. Grand Master Silverberg                         

5. Choices from 1-down                              

6. Grand Master Niven                                

7. String holder                                          

8. Took a card                                             

14. Grand Master Willis                             

15. Grand Master Gunn                               

16. Long-eared equines                             

18. Give a grand party for                           

19. ___ Kemp, chairman of Chicon III         

22. Grand Master Haldeman                       

23. Our timeline in alt hist, for short           

24. Newspaper ___ Today

Selfie by Pat Cadigan.