MAC II News: Issue 2


August 17, 2016
Twitter: @MidAmeriCon2

MAC II News Editor: Laurie Mann
Writers: Katie Daniels, Adrienne Foster, Sharon Sbarsky, Suzan Spitzberg
Minion: John Hauwiller
Logo & Art: Teddy Harvia

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Code of Conduct:
Problems? Come to Con HQ (Exhibit Hall) or call IRT: 816-800-2550

Times for the Exhibit Hall

Dealers Room

Thursday-Saturday: 10 a.m. — 6 p.m.
Sunday: 10 a.m. — 3 p.m.

Art Show

Wednesday: closes 8 p.m.
Thursday: 10 a.m. — 4 p.m. Reception: 4:30 — 6 p.m.
Friday: 10 a.m. — 8 p.m.
Saturday: 10 a.m. — 12 noon Auction: Starts at 3 p.m.
Sunday: 10 a.m. — Noon

FANAC Fan History

What science fiction celebrity was slated for the $64,000 Question?

When did the London Bomb Squad raid fandom?*

The answers to these & other questions of import can be found in newszines.

To understand the activities of the times, look at newszines of the past. FANAC has scanned and uploaded over 2,000 newszines so far, going back to the 1930s are available now at

FANAC will be showing these zines in the Fan Fair area. Come by and dip into our fannish history. View an issue or 10. We will even give you a souvenir print from an issue for a time important to you, whether it’s 25 or 50 years ago, when you got into fandom, or even your birthday.  We have over a hundred different titles from the US, UK, Australia, Germany, Sweden, and elsewhere, with many complete or long runs. There are issues of Fantasy/Science Fiction Times (400+ issues), Fantasy News, Karass (complete), SFinctor (complete), Fanac (complete), Luna, Fanew Sletter (Australian, 80), and Axe (complete)

*Answers: Willy Ley & 1974 Kitten Fandom meeting (looking for explosive material).

Stadium Happenings

Today, the Robert A. Heinlein Stadium, located in the back corner of the Exhibit Hall, will host Opening Ceremony at 5 p.m. and a Quidditch demonstration starting about 30 minutes after Opening Ceremony end.

Thursday, the stadium will be having laser tag from 11 to 3.

The Maker’s Area will be working on a quilt starting Wednesday. The goal is to finish it during the convention.

Hodor! Hodor! Hodor!

Some automatic doors are turned off due to the construction in the 13th Street underpass. Please hold the doors for members with access needs, especially those going to and from the Business Meetings.

Wednesday Parties

Under the ribbons!

San Jose in 2018

New Orleans in 2018

San Juan in 2017


Mike Glyer’s name was misspelled in the paper version of Issue 1.

Here’s the link to menus for the Exhibit Hall food vendors:

Pocket Program Numbers

Important: The bold numbers next to Program items are not the room numbers. For example, 4601 is not a room number, it’s an item number. Room numbers are all under 3500. Here’s how you should interpret the numbers in the Pocket Program:


5-2-1 Rule

All MidAmeriCon II members should remember the basic 5-2-1 rule. Each day make sure ou have a minimum of 5 hours of sleep, 2 meals a day, and 1 shower. Please do not mix up these numbers and items!

Chris Garcia’s Program Book

There is a program book in the Fan Lounge next to the Fandom Rocks display. Please sign it for Chris Garcia who cannot be here at MAC2. He would love it if all the fans could sign his program book.

San Jose Galactic Tower

sdoldpc201608.sanjosetowerThe San José Galactic Light Tower is an animated interactive light sculpture created by Kevin Roche for the San Jose in 2018 mobil Worldcon bid. It’s a 1/10 scale replica of the historic San José Electric light tower, which stood in downtown San Jose from 1881-1915 making it the first electrified downtown west of the Rockies.

If you have a Physical Web-enabled app or browser on your  e, the Galactic Tower also has an embedded Eddystone beacon broadcasting a link to a web page about the tower. 

(If you don’t have such an app or browser, the page may be found at

Extra Hours for Local Restaurant

The Silver Spoon Cafe, located across from the Marriott on Wyomdotte between 11th and 12th, turns out to be a great place for breakfast and lunch. Inexpensive, fast, and very affordable. Not usually open on weekends, but for MAC2 it will be open at least on Saturday from 7 a.m.—3 p.m.

Visit the Photo Booth

The Photo Booth is in the crafting area and it’s looking for people to stop by and have their pictures taken.

Secret Bathrooms

Keep looking if you are in line for a bathroom, especially on the second floor where the Program rooms are. There’s a seldom used ladies’ room at the south end of the registration hall and around a dim corner and the bathrooms off the Exhibit Hall are often available.