MAC II News: Issue 1


August 17, 2016
Twitter: @MidAmeriCon2

MAC II News Editor: Laurie Mann
Writers: Katie Daniels, Adrienne Foster, Sharon Sbarsky, Suzan Spitzberg
Logo & Art: Teddy Harvia

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Welcome to MidAmeriCon II

Today’s the day when 2 years of planning comes to fruition. The Exhibit Hall opens with its Fan Fair, Hospitality, Art Show & Dealers Room. Programming gets underway, and Events take off with Opening Ceremony at 5 p.m. in Heinlein Stadium which is the “Quidditch Field” near the Fan Lounge on the far side of the Exhibit Hall.


Fan Lounge and Fandom Rocks!

If you brought a rock for the Fandom Rocks! display, please bring it to the Fan Lounge near Heinlein Stadium. (Look for Igor and Fido, the inflatable gargoyles at the entrances.) Put your rock on the table with the Fandom Rocks! signs  (and rocks). Please fill out a row on the inventory sheets on the table so we’ll know who brought rocks and from where.

Geri Sullivan is introducing the Fandom Rocks! display next to the Nielsen Hayden Bridge (near the volcano) at 6 p.m. and Teresa Nielsen Hayden will lead the first docent tour at the same time.

Food Vendors in the Exhibit Hall

The following food vendors will be in the Exhibit Hall: Coffee Shop (coffee, drinks, snacks), Papa John’s (pizza), BBQ, Baked Potato, Hot Dog/Burgers, Grab ’N’ Go (salads and snacks). All will be open when the Exhibit Hall is open except the BBQ stand which closes at 7 p.m.

Complete vendor and menu list.

Volunteers – Don’t Lose Your MIMO Badge

Do you have a MIMO badge?  Thanks very much for your help. Don’t forget to keep your MIMO badge because you’ll need it for move-out Sunday afternoon and Monday.  If you won’t be working for move-out, please return your badge to Volunteers, which is now at the top of the escalator in the Exhibit Hall.

Volunteers are always needed for general set-up, to help with Access, and with Program Operations.  Visit the Volunteer booth to sign up for a shift.  All volunteers who have worked get a free book bag; stop back at the Volunteer table next to Information to pick up a bag.

Program Changes

The following Program participants are unable to attend MidAmeriCon II:

Joy Bragg-Stadt

Virginia Campen

Kathryn Cramer

Gardner Dozois 

Jim Freund

Preston Glassman

Mike Glyer

Guy Lillian 

Charles Lippincott

Perrianne Lurie

Arkady Martine

Ian McDonald 

Ilana Myer 

John Popham 

Don Sakers 

John Stanfield 

Alvaro Zinos-Amaro

The Campbell and Sturgeon Awards Ceremony on Thursday in room 2501D is now scheduled for 6 p.m. rather than      7 p.m.

A complete list of schedule changes will be published later today in the Program Changes Report. Printed versions will be distributed at various locations with the MAC II News and it will be available at the Website.

Kickoff Singalong

Let’s get into a Worldcon state of mind! Join Filthy Pierre around the campfire as we sing the glories of Frodo Baggins and the Outer Space Marines, the miseries of elevators with no buttons and bad hotel food, and of Star Trek doings we’ll never see in prime time. Wednesday at 3 p.m. in room 2505A.

10 Things They Didn’t Tell You About MidAmeriCon II

Mostly by Sam Lubell

barr005 1. Many geographically-challenged fans are mistakenly going to the Kansas City in Kansas, not Missouri.

2 . The ASPCA visited claiming to be responding to a report of rabid puppies on the premises.

3. One of the costumers dressed as a dinosaur and human lover is Chuck Tingle, but we don’t know which one.

4. At the Hugo Award ceremony, instead of reading off No Award when it wins, the presenter will pick up a big mallet and hit a Gong Show gong.

5.  The barbeque places have BBQ Alien. It tastes like chicken.

6.  Members of the American Psychological Association are on site, investigating authors to see if writing under several pen names qualifies as Multiple Personality Disorder.

7. To recognize GoH Tamora Pierce, a booth in the dealer’s room will be offering free piercings. A disappointed fan, chilled by the high AC, was overheard muttering that she wished they were honoring toastmaster Pat Ca(r)digan instead.

8. GoH Michael Swanwick’s reading will feature the talking animals from the titles of his two most recent collections. The dog will indeed say bow wow and the cat will in fact have not so much to say.

9. To honor the 50th anniversary of Star Trek, Worldcon will be hosting a Star Wars Day.

10. At the end of Worldcon, instead of announcing where it will be next year, the chair will say Worldcon is finnish.


Those Subterranean Tunnels

A reminder that, for the most part, the subterranean tunnels around Barney Allis Plaza will slow you down. Given the mostly dry weather we’re having, we don’t recommend you use them. However, rain is due for Friday night (and it may be fairly torrential at times) so you might want to consider the tunnels if you’re participating in the Masquerade to keep your costume materials dry.


Thanks to A-Z Theatrical, a local company that donated the bridge over the river and have several small exhibits throughout the hall.

Photo by Laurie Mann.
Art by George Barr & Teddy Harvia.