MAC II News: Issue 0


August 16, 2016
Twitter: @MidAmeriCon2

MAC II News Editor: Laurie Mann
Writers: Katie Daniels, Adrienne Foster, Sharon Sbarsky
Logo & Art: Teddy Harvia

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Code of Conduct:
Problems? Come to Con HQ (Exhibit Hall) or call IRT: 816-800-2550

Orient Yourself

The fastest way to go from the hotels to the Convention Center (KCCC) is to walk at street level. The sidewalks are wide and are all in good shape.  It’s due to be sunny but not terribly hot most of the week, and it may rain a little Friday and Saturday.  There is a little construction near the 13th St. door of the KCCC, but if you are in a mobie or wheelchair, go a little past the 13th St. door and you’ll find a more accessible door. The 2300 Lobby is where Volunteers will be before the con gets going and where Registration will be throughout the con. It is one short block from the 13th St. entrance.  We are using sections D & E of Bartle Hall, 3rd floor, for Exhibits and Fan Fair.


MidAmeriCon II In The News

The Kansas City Star, Monday, 8/15:  ‘Game of Thrones’ author George R.R. Martin coming to KC for MidAmericon II

Schedule Updates

Registration 9 a.m.—7 p.m. 8/16

Food & Fun

Yard House – 117 Taps!

Lots of great beer spots in KC.  Yard House is at Main & 13th St., has 117 taps for beer & cider & an excellent, varied menu.  Enjoy!

Tuesday Off-Sites

Tamora Pierce & Brian McClellan will talk at a reception at the KC Public Library, 14 West 10th St., 6:00 p.m.—free.  RSVP:

Michael Swanwick will have a signing of  “Not So Much,”  Said the Cat at Rainy Day Books (Fairway Shops, 2706 W. 53rd St. Fairway, KC, 66205–6 miles SW of the KCCC), 7 p.m.—tickets are $15.95, includes the book, buy at the website

Wednesday Museum Excursions

Visit the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum and the American Jazz Museum with other Worldcon attendees. The museums are about a five minute drive away at 1616 E 18th St.We plan to gather in Lobby 2300 of the Convention Center at 1:30 p.m., to arrive arrive at the museums at about 1:45 p.m  The tickets to the museum cost $15; pay when you arrive.


No Robots, Only Fans

It Takes Volunteers to Raise a Worldcon

We need you to help get MidAmeriCon II moved into the Kansas City Convention Center and set up.  If you have any time to volunteer in Kansas City, please come to the 2300 Lobby of the KCCC.

A Visit to the River Market

It’s a 20 minute walk or a free streetcar ride to an area a few blocks north of downtown, filled with little shops, restaurants and produce vendors.  Even on Monday, when the market is particularly quiet, there are still two dozen open shops and restaurants, with fresh produce every day.

IMG_2979 IMG_2980



After some discussion, we went to Taste of Brazil which sold us Brazilian sandwiches and grilled chicken kabobs with bacon that were outstanding.  But whether you want paleo, Chinese, Indian, Middle Eastern, Mexican, Ethiopian or BBQ, you’ll find something to love at River Market.


Those Subterranean Tunnels

Longer Walks in the Dim

Yes, if you go into the parking garage system, you’ll find a walkway that will take you to most of the hotels around Barney Allis Plaza, as well as to the Kansas City Convention Center.  But…it’s a longer, muggier walk than walking at street level to the Convention Center or to one of the other hotels.  If you want to try the walkways, there are plenty of useful signs along the way, until you get to the KCCC:


(New Zealand fan & MidAmeriCon II sign guru Norman Cates points the way.)

No obvious CC sign, but the door is very large, and the carpet says “Kansas City Convention Center.”  Follow the signs to the 2300 Lobby – you may need to take the elevator up to street level if the escalators aren’t running.


Photos by Laurie Mann except for  the truck photo, which was taken by Jim Mann. Thanks to Erin Underwood for late proofreading.