For all you swinging’ cats and even the squares…

the Retro Hugos are going to be hoppin’!


Bring your comfy shoes and be prepared to boogie-woogie. You’ll get to hear all your favorite swing numbers while celebrating science fiction for the year 1941! The Retro Hugos are scheduled for 8pm on Thursday, August 18th. The joint will be jumpin’!

If you’ve never jitter-bugged or lindy-hopped, don’t worry, we’ll have professionals there to help you get your shim-sham-shimmy on! Our dancers will teach you a few moves and encourage you to get out and cut a rug! There is no substitute for in-person lessons, however, these YouTube videos can get you started on all the basics of East Coast Swing.

Come dressed in your best 40s vintage or come as you are. We’re not going to be too fancy—we just want to dance and have a good time. If you aren’t sure where to find delicious duds to wear, check out these links.




Hair and Makeup


And remember, you can always go to your local thrift and vintage stores for help and inspiration!