Our Thanks to You!

First, on behalf of the Hugo administration staff and all the rest of the folks making preparations to run MidAmeriCon II, I want to thank all of the people who participated in our Hugo and Retro Hugo nomination processes. There were over 4,000 of you and that is a new record participation by quite a large margin.

There’s a large number of tasks we have to do to administer the Hugos. Identifying eligible nominators and voters, setting up servers and web pages to handle secure nominations and voting, answering hundreds of questions about the process for the members, making sure everyone’s nominations are counted appropriately even if they don’t use the same name for something they loved that all the other folks who loved it used or nominated it in the wrong category accidently, locating and contacting the potential finalists to get their acceptance and inform them of how the process works and what to expect, coordinating with convention events staff to run the awards ceremonies and pre-receptions, and numerous other tasks. The previous run on sentence would be staggeringly large if we tried to give a full accounting of everything the awards administration entails. It can be fun, it can be exhausting, and it can even sometimes be frustrating. When we do a good job, though, it’s very rewarding.

We all do this because we love the Hugo Awards. They’re special to us. I’m fairly sure they’re special to you, that’s why you’ve chosen to participate.

Thanks to all the nominations you’ve sent in, in a few short days we’ll be announcing the 2016 Hugo and 1941 Retro Hugo finalists. Voting on the final ballots will open May 15th and run through the end of July. At that point, we’ll get everything ready for the ceremonies in August where we’ll get to reveal your selections as the best works of those years. The winners will then take their place among all their peers from the more than seven decades of works that have been honored with Hugo Awards. That rich and storied history, from the start of the process in 1953 all the way through the ceremonies this coming August, is what cements the Hugo Awards as the most prestigious award in science fiction.

We do our part to help shepherd the process so that all of you can do your part to make history. All thanks to our collective love for this award. “Love keeps her in the air when she oughta fall down, tells you she’s hurtin’ ‘fore she keens.” Love is what makes these awards great.

Dave McCarty – Hugo Administrator
MidAmeriCon II