Convention Update

Childcare! Programming and more!


We are thrilled to be working with KiddieCorp as the professional childcare provider for MidAmeriCon II. KiddieCorp has worked regularly with Worldcon in recent years ­ including in Spokane, San Antonio, Los Angeles, Denver, Montreal, Reno, and Chicago ­ and have an excellent understanding of our needs and interests. Child memberships costing $60 are available for all children (age 6 to 15 as of August 17, 2016), and include 5 hours of free childcare (perfect for dinner and the Hugo Awards!). Child memberships purchased via Family Memberships also receive 5 free hours of childcare. Additional hours are then chargeable at $10 per hour when you sign up for childcare before the convention or $15 per hour when opting for childcare in late July or on­site. Online pre­-registration for childcare will be available in early April.


MidAmeriCon II is looking for volunteers that can help make our Worldcon great! Joining the MidAmeriCon II staff means your fun and friend­ making will start before the convention. If you’re interested in helping, email us at or go online to our website and fill out the volunteer form. We have openings in many different areas so let us know what you’d be interested in doing. We hope to hear from you soon!


The initial round of invitations have gone out for people to be on programming. Typically, Worldcon has around 500 participants. If you volunteered and have not heard from us, please email Program schedules will be sent out starting in June. Along with our Guests of Honor, we are expecting David Brin, Gail Carriger, Eric Flint, David Gerrold, Charlaine Harris, Ken Liu, George R.R. Martin, Elizabeth Moon, Sunil Patel, John Picacio, Mike Resnick, John Scalzi, Robert Silverberg, Jo Walton, and many others!


Scooter/mobie reservations and rentals online will begin in April. We will be updating the access area of our website with videos and information regarding how to get from the hotels to the convention center and the accessibility of the surrounding area. In local news, the new free­ KC Streetcar offers level boarding at all of its stops and is therefore wheelchair, bike, stroller and anything with wheels friendly!


All members should have received their Hugo nominating PINs. Visit our Hugo Nominating page to cast your nominating ballot for the 2016 Hugo Awards or the 1941 Retro Hugos. The nomination period closes March 31, 2016, and the nominees will be announced during the last week of April. Hugo voting will take place between May and July. If you have not received your PIN and you were a member on or before January 31, 2016, please email us at