A Message from the Chairs

It has been an incredible journey from standing up at the Raleigh NASFiC to announce Kansas City’s intention to bid for a Worldcon to this moment. The support and encouragement we have received from fans across the United States and around the world has been nothing short of breathtaking.

The bid committee has put in incredible amounts of work on the bid, attending countless conventions, sitting bid tables all day and throwing parties (almost) all night, then repeating weekend after weekend. We would not be here today without your sacrifices and efforts. We also wish to thank the membership of Loncon 3 for voting to allow us the privilege of hosting the 74th World Science Fiction Convention, MidAmeriCon II. Thank you for your trust; we will work hard to live up to it.

During the bid process, we were regularly told by people that the previous Kansas City Worldcon, MidAmeriCon, was their first Worldcon, or even their first con of any kind. MidAmeriCon introduced a number of innovations to the Worldcon, and helped create an explosion of fan groups and conventions throughout the Midwest. It is our hope that MidAmeriCon II will serve to energize people in the same way.

Now the bid is over, the real work begins. To help make MidAmeriCon II the best convention it can be, please buy a membership and if you would like to help out, sign up on the volunteer page. We couldn’t have gotten here without you, and we’ll need your help to put on the Worldcon. We look forward to seeing you in Kansas City!

Team LOL

Ruth Lichtwardt, Jeff Orth, Diane Lacey