Kansas City, MO | Wed to Sun, August 17-21, 2016.

Hugo Nominations are Open!!

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Art by Ray VanTilburg, Offworld Designs

Hugo Nominations for the 2016 Hugo Awards and the 1941 Retro Hugo Awards are now open! Please head over to the Hugo Nomination page for more information and to start your ballots. Nominations will be open until March 31, 2016. 


Hotel Booking Open!


Book your MidAmeriCon II Hotel room! We have some great hotel properties and lots of available rooms for you. Our Hotel Booking page will explain the entire process. All of our hotels are within 2 blocks of the convention center and our rates start at $119 a night! If you would like more information our Hotels Page has maps, street view and dining information to help you select the best hotel for your needs. Book today!

Dealers' Room Deposits Open!

Chicon 7 Dealers Room Photo credit Keith Stokes, MidAmerican Fan Photo Archive

Chicon 7 Dealers Room Photo credit Keith Stokes, MidAmerican Fan Photo Archive

Head over to our new Dealers’ and Creators Page for information about Dealers’ Room and Creators Alley. We have information about the convention center space, state tax deadlines and more! You can place a deposit online or mail us a check. Worldcon Dealers’ Rooms are a thing of legend, we look forward to continuing that tradition!

Guests of Honor

Kinuko Y. Craft
Patrick and Teresa Nielsen Hayden
Tamora Pierce
Michael Swanwick
Each Worldcon selects a small number of Guests of Honor for the highest recognition that the event can grant, essentially a Hall of Fame for the science fiction and fantasy field. MidAmeriCon II has chosen to honor Kinuko Y. Craft, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Teresa Nielsen Hayden, Tamora Pierce, and Michael Swanwick. All of our guests have made great contributions to the world of science fiction and fantasy and we are so pleased to be able to celebrate and honor these contributions with them in Kansas City. In addition to our Guests of Honor, our Toastmaster is the superb Pat Cadigan.