Kansas City, MO, is centrally located in the US, which means you can easily get there by plane, train, or automobile; its location is especially convenient for the large populations of fans in easy driving distance. The international airport (MCI) is only a 20-minute drive from the convention center and hotels. The train station is only 1.5 miles away. Come on by and enjoy what Kansas City has to offer!

About Worldcon

The World Science Fiction Convention (“Worldcon”) is an international gathering of the science fiction and fantasy community. The first Worldcon was held in 1939, and the event has been annual since 1946, with the location changing each year. Attendees come from all over the world, and in the last decade the convention has been held on four different continents.

Progress Report 1

In addition to lots of current updates we have also included a look back at MidAmeriCon. We have reprinted some of the articles included in their progress reports with intros from MidAmeriCon Chairman Ken Keller. Also included are photos taken that weekend and a reprint of a Star Wars ad placed. We hope you enjoy this blast from the past as we step into the future.